Why I Am A Candidate For Congress Now


Employment Meeting Human Needs


        At 69, I am here on a sunny December day with my wife Barbara, at our modest rural home in Philo, Mendocino County, in the heart of California’s Northcoast Second Congressional District. Barbara and I own and operate the Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company, devoted to hand-harvesting minute quantities of wild seaweed during the summer harvest season, carefully drying the seaweed blade-by-blade for the gourmet natural foods market.

        Our lifestyle is an intentional choice to strive to live and work in harmony with nature and with the human community. We are not seeking great wealth or control, and are constantly working for peace, resource protection, and sustainable access to local ocean food from the nutrition-rich ocean upwelling ecosystem.

        Everyone deserves the chance to have a job that meets human needs and provides a decent livelihood. I founded a whole industry of cottage seaweed wildcrafters on California’s northcoast, making new job opportunities and providing health-giving food. Now we need to take billions of dollars from the military budget, and apply financial and human energy to local employment meeting human needs. I’m inviting all concerned people to help us put people to work making homes for all, converting to solar and other renewable energy, providing needed food and clothing, and meeting other basic human needs.


Preventing War In Space


        In 1969, I returned from two years in the Vietnam war as a refugee relief worker. I was determined to devote my life to ending that war, and working for world peace.

        Today, 42 years later, I see a catastrophic world war being created by an ever-expanding U.S. military-industrial complex. This conflict probably will start with war in space, unless you and I are able to convince the U.S. government that our government should stop making space weapons and missile defense systems. The U.S. should join all other nations in banning space weapons and preventing an arms race in space.

        Space is a disastrously unfavorable field of battle for the United States. Our nation now is entirely dependent on electronics which require functioning computer chips and communication satellites. A single nuclear explosion 25 miles above the center of the United States would emit an electromagnetic pulse that would destroy every computer chip in the country within line of sight. Also, the space debris caused by shattering satellites, or even by launching “the equivalent of gravel,” would chop up everything in its orbit.

        Today, the United States is spending countless billions on an array of “Star Wars” weapons which can never work, and surrounding Russia and China with missile defense systems which serve only to force these and other nations to prepare space counter-attack. On the misguided strategic idea that the U.S. can dominate space with superior weapons and financial power, our leaders are putting all humanity at greater risk every day.

        In 2002, I published the book “High-Altitude Nuclear War,” containing congressional testimony on nuclear electromagnetic pulse warfare, and my commentary on the urgent need to join all other nations in their annual plea for a treaty preventing an arms race in space

        I’m urging all congressional candidates, members, and everyone else to join me in demanding an end to the U.S. proliferation of space weapons and missile defense systems, which threaten the future of all humanity.



Nonviolently Working For World Peace


        Currently I am very active in Veterans for Peace Chapter 116, a wonderful group of veterans and associates pledged to work nonviolently for world peace. I’m bringing into the congressional campaign our demand that the U.S. Congress de-fund uranium munitions (depleted uranium). Uranium munitions in U.S. bombs, bullets, artillery and missiles have contaminated huge areas of the world with deadly breathable uranium oxides, and poisoned countless thousands of U.S. troops with cancer-causing particles.

        Also, I have led our Veterans for Peace to endorse the state “End Marijuana Prohibition Act,” which would repeal all laws outlawing the use of marijuana. I believe that the outlawing of marijuana is causing many forms of violence and economic waste, and preventing an honest discussion both of the medical benefits of marijuana, and the hazards of marijuana misuse, especially by young people. I advocate national legalization of marijuana, and an immediate congressional law affirming the rights of states to legalize, regulate and tax medical marijuana.


Ocean Protection and Public Access to Sustainable Ocean Food


        For thirty years I have worked to prevent offshore oil and gas drilling off the Northern California coast. We have been successful, though every year we must fight back efforts to drill in the Point Arena Basin, an area off the Mendocino Coast believed to contain oil.

        I was a founding member of the Mendocino Environmental Center. Barbara and I kept the Ocean Protection Coalition going for many years; now the Ocean Protection Coalition is a wonderful, active group dedicated to stopping ocean industrialization on California’s Northcoast.

        For the past two years, Barbara and I organized the Public Ocean Access Network, to keep sustainable ocean harvest open to the public. We oppose the privatization of the state fisheries regulatory process. We believe the rights of Californians have been violated by the Marine Life Protection Act Initiative, which is run by the private Resources Legacy Fund Foundation. I oppose the privatization of government regulatory process and public resources at the state and national level. As a congress member, if elected, I will strive to reverse the process of privatization which is taking away our public rights and resources.


A Participatory Campaign Discussing Vital Issues


        Always I work as an organizer of nonpartisan, nonviolent groups. The John Lewallen for Congress campaign is an independent organization, inviting all concerned people to join. We are creating a united movement for fundamental reform on many levels. We will work for action on key issues now, urging our current congress members to act for peace and ocean protection. We will remain active after the November, 2012 election, offering whoever goes to represent us in congress support for making policies in the right direction.


John Lewallen


P.O. Box 455, Philo, CA 95466